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2023 Justin Fun Day | Volunteer Form

  1. 2023 Justin Fun Day | Volunteer Opportunity

    Justin Fun Day will be held on Saturday, June 3rd, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM in Justin Old Town. We appreciate your interest in volunteering to participate in Justin Fun Day! There are several volunteers opportunities available below.

    Questions regarding volunteering, please contact Mariah Tijerina at

    Date: Saturday, June 3rd

    Time: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Volunteer Check-In: white event tent on S. Sealy Ave.

  2. Stage Manager 

    Morning & Afternoon Shift

    Responsible for being the central point of contact for the main stage area, assisting and maintaining the organizations/groups performance schedule, and a point of contact for the production crew.

    Volunteer Check-In Manager

    Morning & Afternoon Shift

    Responsible for being the central point of contact for volunteers to check-in through out the morning and afternoon.

    Fire Station Cooling Station

    Shifts Available

    Responsible for maintaining the room as guest come in and out to cool off. Tables will be available for guest to sit down.

    Food Tent | Setup

    Morning Shift

    Responsible for setting up the tables at the food truck tent, putting tablecloths on, and adding chairs to tables. 

    *All tables and chairs will be located in the tent.

    Food Tent | Cleanup

    Shifts Available

    Help maintain the food truck tent area. Make sure trash bins are not full, tables get cleared, and the area stays well maintained.   

    Food Tent | Final Cleanup & Take Down

    Post Event Duty

    Responsible for cleaning up the Food Truck tent area, and clearing all trash bins. Fold all the tables and chairs into one stack.

    *Dispose trash in the large dumpster provided by the city and flip empty trash bins.

    Trash Duty

    Shifts Available

    Run through the area to take out any full trash cans, dispose of them in the city-provided dumpsters, and put new liners into the trash cans.

    Remove Hay Bales | Stage Area

    Post Event Duty

    Responsible for removing the hay bales from the middle of Sealy Ave. to the side of the Fire Department.

    *Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

    Final Event Trash Duty

    Final run through the area to pick up trash in the road, empty full trash cans, dispose trash bags in the city provided dumpster, and flip trash cans once emptied. 

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