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Public Comment Form

  1. City Council meetings and public hearings are recorded. They are part of the permanent and public record of The Justin City Council.
  2. 1. Pursuant to State Open Meetings Law, all individuals intending to offer oral or written testimony should complete this public input form prior to making a statement.
  3. 2. Give completed forms and any documentation to the City Secretary.
  4. 3. Testimony should be concise and present information not previously addressed. Testimony may be limited to three (3) minutes, in order to allow all participants to address the City Council.
  5. 4. City Council is restricted in discussing or taking action on items not posted on the agenda. Members of the City Council may ask questions of persons presenting oral testimony. Action on your statement can be taken only at a future meeting.
  6. Please describe the agenda item you would like to make a public comment on.
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  10. Rules for public comments at City Council meetings:
  11. Public Comments/Regular and Consent Agendas: The City Council welcomes written and oral comments from the public at regular meetings. Individuals wishing to speak on matters posted on the regular or consent agendas, or in the City Council's jurisdiction but not posted on the regular or consent agendas, must submit a completed form to the City Manager's Office at City Hall in advance of the seventy-five (75) hour deadline. Individuals wishing to speak to matters posted on the consent or regular agendas only, must submit a completed form to the City Council meeting attendant thirty (30) minutes prior to the beginning of the meeting. Speakers will have one opportunity to speak during the allotted time period, and they must observe the three-minute time limit. Time cannot be transferred. When a speaker yields the floor, he/she waives any remaining time, but that remaining time does not get added to another speaker's time.
  12. Written Comments I Handouts: Individuals may use the comment sheets provided online, or in the City Manager's Office at City Hall. Comment sheets submitted at the City Council meeting thirty (30) minutes or more prior to its start will be copied and distributed to the Council Members. An individual who wishes to submit other written material should submit 10 copies to the City Manager, in advance, or to the attendant at the meeting for distribution to Council Members and senior staff.
  13. Public Hearing: Registering to speak at a Public Hearing is by the same method as for a regular agenda item. After a Public Hearing is closed, if Council needs additional information from the general public, some limited comments may be allowed at the discretion of the Mayor.
  14. Additional Rules for Speakers: I. Speakers must state their name and address for the record. 2. Speakers must address all comments and questions to the presiding officer. 3. Speakers must limit their comments to three (3) minutes. 4. Speakers may not employ tactics of defamation, intimidation, personal affronts, profanity, or threats of violence.
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