Oncor Transmission Line Project

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Interactive Route Map

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The City of Justin opposes Oncor’s proposed routes for the Ramhorn Hill-Dunham transmission line. It is important for you to send comments to Oncor and the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT) to illustrate the negative and potentially dangerous impact the route these transmission lines will have on all Justin residents and the surrounding community. Please follow these steps and comment before July 24, 2023.

E-filing Instructions  

Fill out the form completely, especially the comment section. Provide unique, personal information on the direct impact it will have on you. Whether the lines go through your property or your favorite park, demonstrate your justifiable interest in the proceeding to ensure the lines will not harm the quality of life in Justin. The more unique comments sent to the PUC, the better. Reference Docket No. 55067 on your form. To express your opinion to the PUC during the transmission line hearing, you may either PROTEST the lines or REQUEST TO INTERVENE.  


The PUC will base its decision on evidence presented during a hearing and PROTESTS are not treated as evidence. However, they inform the PUC of public concerns and identify issues to be explored. 


Intervenors are considered a party to the hearing and your statement will be treated as evidence. Generally, intervention is only granted to directly affected landowners. However, any landowner may request to intervene and obtain a ruling on their specific concerns.  


Forms should be sent before July 24, 2023. 

For USPS, send one copy to:
Public Utility Commission of Texas Central Records
P.O. Box 13326 Austin, TX 78711-3326

For all other delivery or courier services, send one copy to:
Public Utility Commission of Texas Central Records
1701 N. Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78701

Oncor is continuing to accept resident concerns and comments directly at transmissionprojects@oncor.com. You may contact the project manager for this project, Chris Reily, at 432-235-8529. His email is Chris.Reily@oncor.com

Contact Your Elected Officials

"Who Represents Me" is a list of county, state and federal officials representing the City of Justin. Residents may provide feedback to these officials on the proposed Oncor Transmission Line routes and their impact to residents and the entire community.

Oncor Documents

Learn more about the Oncor Transmission Line Project at CURRENT TRANSMISSION LINE PROJECTS (oncor.com). Under the "Choose a Project" feature select the Ramhorn Hill - Dunham 345 kV Project to access the larger project files.

Transmission Line Project Details

Public Meeting Documents

Transmission Line Project Proposed Exhibit

Message from the Mayor

A videotaped message from Justin Mayor James Clark provides information on the proposed Oncor transmission lines in Justin and details how residents can provide public input to state officials on the impact to the community.