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Remember, don’t water your yard more than two days per week and not between 10 AM and 6 PM! Plants have begun to slow down their growth and need less water.  Reduce runtimes by at least 2 minutes in each zone or use the 'Seasonal Adjust' feature to reduce by 10-20%. Get precise runtime recommendations at:! #WaterLessYall

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Ready for a change in your yard? Native plants can be established now so they are ready to go in the spring! Get ideas and find resources on our Conservation Demonstration Garden page at: #TexasTough #SaveWater 

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Did you know that as a watershed develops from a natural setting to an urban area, the way that water flows changes as well? More impervious surfaces, such as homes, buildings, parking lots, and roads prevent water from absorbing into the ground, carrying pollutants to the nearest stream and leading to more flooding in urban areas. 

Good news! By properly managing fertilizers, herbicides, grass clippings, and pet waste, we can help prevent pollution in our nearby waterways and reservoirs – the main source of our drinking water. Learn more at: #CleanWater #ProtectYourWatershed