Driving Safety Course

If you received a ticket for a moving violation, under the Subtitle C, Transportation Code, you may request permission to take a driving safety course (DSC). Eligible defendants qualifying for the driving safety course must submit payment and all completed forms no later than the 20th business day from the date of the offense

Eligibility Requirements:                                                                                                                                

  • The defendant requests driving safety no later than 20 business days after receiving the citation.  
  • The defendant has not taken a driving safety course or motorcycle operator’s training course within the 12 months preceding the date of this offense or is currently not taking a course to dismiss a ticket. 
  • The Defendant provides proof of vehicle insurance, pursuant to the Texas Transportation Code, valid and in force as of the date the Defendant requests a DSC with the Court. 
  • The Defendant presents a valid Texas Driver’s License, permit, or active-duty military ID. 
  • The Defendant pay the Court Costs and administrative fees.

Note: Do not start a driving safety course online until you have requested and received approval from the municipal court. Any certificates dated prior to the request will not be accepted.