Planning & Zoning


The Mission of the Planning and Development Department is to keep Justin unique, preserve the history, and to create an attractive appeal to all generations.

The Planning and Development Services Department offers professional advice and technical expertise on development related topics. The department provides development services including zoning, platting, land use, building permits, sign permits, and inspections. The department also provides mapping services and plays a large role in the developing of the city's comprehensive plan.

It is the Planning Department's intent to carry out the following:

  • Promoting the stability of existing land uses that conform with a comprehensive plan.
  • Encouraging quality development through effective planning.
  • Promoting a harmonious, convenient, workable relationship among land uses.
  • Protecting and enhancing areas of scenic, historic or cultural importance.
  • Providing adequate protection for community investments in water, sewerage, streets, schools, parks and other community facilities.

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