Code Compliance

Code Compliance is responsible for the enforcement of codes and ordinances, and the integrity and beautification of neighborhoods. Our goal is to work with the communities of Justin in order to foster a proactive spirit of safety and health. Our Code Compliance official, Wes Fanning, is available to answer any questions.

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Most Common Types of Violations

The most common types of violations are: High grass and weeds, signs in the Right-of-way, and unpermitted garage sales. You can find the ordinance or the link to the ordinance attached below.

  1. High Grass and Weeds: “All grass, weeds, vegetation, or brush not regularly cultivated and which exceed twelve (12) inches, as prohibited by Sec. 28-58, and all rubbish are objectionable, unsightly, and unsanitary, are hereby deemed to be a threat to the public health and safety of persons in the City, and are hereby declared a public nuisance.”
  2. Signs in the right-of-way: Signs on the right-of-way of a road or highway maintained by the city are explicitly prohibited according to Section 36-6 of the City of Justin Code of Ordinances.
  3. Unpermitted Garage Sales: All garage sales require a permit according to Section 12-83 of the City of Justin Code of Ordinances.