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General Planning Services RFQ

 RFQ Questions and Answers

  1. Please clarify when the proposal is due.

The proposal is due on November 8th at 2:00 PM. We apologize for the confusion in the conflicting due dates.

     2. In the selection process do you plan on conducting interviews? If so, how many firms will be shortlisted?

 The City will conduct interviews with providers during the selection process, and the Selection Committee will be composed of pertinent staff and a representative of City Council. We do not have a strict number for the shortlist. The City will strive to make the best selection based on the information provided.

     3. How often is the consultant expected to work onsite (in the City office building)?

 The consultant is not expected to work onsite on any schedule. The consultant is expected to be present at all Planning & Zoning Commission meetings, pertinent Council meetings, and any other occasion the City may require in-person services, usually for pre-development meetings.

     4. Is the consultant expected to conduct pre-application meetings with applicants?

 The consultant is expected to be a part of the development team, particularly involving plat applications. City staff conduct these meetings, but the consultant will be an integral part of that process.

     5. Is the consultant expected to attend any staff or development review meetings?

 Yes, as needed.

     6. Will the consultant perform any plan reviews? 

 The consultant will perform plan reviews for all platting in the City, along with any other processes which may require the review of a certified planner.

     7. Are the planning maps (Zoning, Subdivision, Future Land Use, etc.) maintained in GIS?

 Yes, all planning maps for the City of Justin are currently maintained in GIS.